Bogdan Fiedur is a entrepreneur and CEO of Softfornet Solutions Ltd. He owns many businesses including Adlandpro.com and a Manitoba cottage rental business.


Bogdan's business, Adlandpro has been featured in various publications including the Digital Journal.


Bogdan is a University of Manitoba Computer Science graduate and has gone on to pioneer new internet technologies.


Bogdan loves to interact with his customers and has a Youtube channel where he often posts videos. His favourite activities include kayaking, traveling, outdoor activities, gardening, hiking, bird watching and star gazing.


5 Facts about Bogdan Fiedur


Bogdan has owned and operated Softfornet Solutions Ltd. for 15 years.

Bogdan has traveled to over 20 countries.

Bogdan has almost 10 years of University education.

Bogdan has a wife, 2 daughters and 2 dogs.

Bogdan speaks English, Polish and German.


Bogdan has spent many hours volunteering in the Polish community and has been recognized for his volunteering efforts by the Polish Canadian Congress.


Some of Bogdan's favourite topics include health and positive thinking. Bogdan frequents websites like Mindmovies to develop his power of positive thinking, Natural News to keep on top of the latest health issues, and The Raw Food World to put his health knowledge into practise.


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